July 3rd, 2007


Wednesday, July 4

Panel 1: And here's the long-winded talker from the first two panels of Monday's strip.  Guess he's the one who took over when Mason went down for the count.  And do people really do Conga Lines at weddings?

Panel 2: Fly away, White Goose.  At least she left her shoes behind so she won't get stuck in the grass again.  I mean, Anthony wouldn't have a prayer of lifting her up - he looks like a stiff wind could knock him down.

Panel 3: "Where are we going?"  Liz asks.  "I know a Justice of the Peace who'll marry us for $50.  No Questions Asked."
Well, admit it.  That would be just as plausible.

Panel 4: Another silent penultimate panel.

Panel 5:...Okay, now I'm gonna be sick...

Since we've now hit the top of the Lovepocalypse chart, I'm heading to the bunker.  More reports to follow.