July 2nd, 2007

What's This?

July retcons

Elly: Lots of details about moving.  Liz is so smart when it comes to stuff like this (oh, is that why she picked a basement apartment?) and has been helping.  April gets mentioned a lot, but mostly in the "When April is out of the house" sense.
Mike's a pet sitter now?  Considering the way he watches his kids, I might have the SPCA on standby.

John: Trains trains trains!  Oh, and the riding lawn mower is nice too.

Liz: School's Out!  (Considering the number of strips where we saw Liz actually teaching, was it ever in?)  A shout-out to Mtig because she brought an idea with her.  
Lots of stuff about Mom and Dad moving - not much about April, other than she "gave" Butterscotch to Mike and Dee.  (I thought she didn't have a choice?)
Painted her apartment.  (Which probably isn't allowed in her lease, but oh well.)  Hanging out with Candace and Rudy.  Bridesmaid for S-M's wedding (conveniently leaving out any mention of Mason or Nostache).  May visit Dawn in Ottawa before her wedding.

April: We saw the last school strip on Saturday, but April's already got her grades.  She says she thinks she did well.
Volunteering for community theater before going to the farm.
Eva and Duncan are leaving for the summer.  (So who's going to perform at the concert?  Just April and Luis?)  So probably going to spend a lot of time with Shannon.  That is, when she's not busy at community theater, the bookstore, the farm, or babysitting.

Mike: The Great Migration has taken place (migrating all of half a block). Elly and John got new furniture, Mike and Dee got...well, the old stuff.  Stuff about John's trains and Elly's fabric picking.  Elly left the "treasury" for Mike (basically all the photo albums and stuff she saved).
April's upset about the move, but she'll get over it.
Thankfully, we are spared from reading more of Mike's writing.

Deeana: Same as Mike, but says that  Mike's a good father and house-husband (it sure doesn't show) and that she'll be setting up her "creative space" soon.
Big item: they fixed the back gate so that Merrie and Robin can't get out to the ravine (well it only took a decade, glad someone finally fixed it).

The Olds: Jim's getting better slowly, and Elizabeth is coming to visit (more telling instead of showing).

The Pets: Same old, same old.


Tuesday, July 3

Panel 1: And here comes Nostache to the rescue...

Panel 2: I know he's just a throwaway character Liz...but couldn't you at least ask Dawn or someone else to do something instead of leaving Mason slumped over the head table?  It's very tacky, don't ya know.

Panel 3: And there's the other shoe.  And is it my imagination, or is Julia flashing a "thumbs up" to Granthony?

Panel 4: Uh-huh.  Listen, if you wanted to do this for such a long time, why in the hell didn't you...I don't know...do something about it?  Or as my grandpa used to say "piss or get off the pot".  Maybe then we could've been spared all this pining away for the White Goose.

Panel 5: Okay, we are now at BOXCAR!  I repeat, all hands, all stations...we are now at BOXCAR!