June 30th, 2007

Sunday, July 1

Panel 1: Is that Mike in the background? It's not like him to wear a trucker cap. Meanwhile, the strip title is...star-spangled?

Panel 2: Aw, jeez. Badly drawn butts aren't enough; now Robin has to have toddler gut?

Panels 3-4-5: Not sure what they're doing, but it appears they can communicate. Good, because it seemed as if Robin was going to be stuck in the reach-and-screech phase forever.

Panel 6: Gross, but inevitable.

Panel 7: Really gross.

Panel 8: Ditto.

Panel 9: A whole sentence! Way to go, Rob!

Panel 10: Great, try to get the Delicate Genius' attention.

Panel 11: So is he pissed at Merrie, or just that he was disturbed?

Panel 12: Uh...okay.

Who wants to be a guest blogger?

Due to circumstances, partly personal and partly just being fed up with Lynn, I need a break from the daily obligation to read the strip and find new ways to say "This is disgusting." But I don't want to be one of those people who lets a blog peter out with no official goodbye, abandoning readers. I'm still going to read the strip and participate in discussions, but I need to free up some time for myself, and there's got to be someone else up to the task.

It would be for about a month, I think, unless my replacement ends up loving it so much that they don't want to give it up. Whoever does take the torch from my failing hands should be advised that on days like Thursday, your mailbox will be flooded. To that end, I've directed all LJ responses to their own email folder. You can stop the screening of anonymous comments if you like, but if you do, you should keep a sharp eye out for people who want to insult the group instead of criticizing Lynn. And don't forget to put up a thread for the retcons ahead of time! And the usual warning about posting Foob images.

So anyone who thinks they can handle that, let me know! Because this is my "E...nough...is...e...nough" moment.