June 29th, 2007

Saturday, June 30

Panel 1: I was anticipating a filler strip. Instead we get a transition strip; I guess that's better. Is that Shannon sitting behind April? I didn't know the SN kids rode the same bus. Interesting that they could have been sitting together, or at least talking, all along. Though defenders would just say that they have been, and we only see small glimpses of the Pattersons' lives, so we shouldn't judge.

Anyway, the farm. So much for a social life with anyone. Still, at the farm, April doesn't have to eat shit; she only falls in it. I slay me. But is she going to be away during the Housening? I wouldn't want to leave that up to my family; she'll probably come back to find that all her stuff has been sold, and there are only bedrooms for John and Elly, Mike and Dee, Robin, Merrie, and a guest bedroom for Liz.

Panel 2: And so much for music. Why even have the detour into music? If April was born to be a vet, why not show her with animals more, instead of just telling us she's an animal whisperer?

Panel 3: Ambition! Artistic inspiration! Run, April, run!

Panel 4: Goodbye forever, Shannon. Nice convo you had with your friend, there. Frakking hypocrite. And Eva's too busy shrugging out of her sweater to do more than smirk at Shannon.

Panel 5: This is about as meaningful as Liz hearing Jesse say "I wish you hadn't left!" and thinking "Give a gift...and you get another in return."* Shannon looks so defeated. She knows what her importance is to April, and it has got to hurt. But it's all okay, as long as April feels good about herself. I don't even know what this panel has to do with the rest of the strip. Except that it dovetails with Shannon's introduction, in which we were told that she's a surprise package waiting to be opened.

Okay, I got a second wind. Lynn, look at Shannon's face. Could one of your employees be trying to tell you something? Shannon does not look like someone who was given a gift. She looks like someone who was patronized for a short while, then dropped. And in the long run, that, not being mocked, is what hurts. The Jeremys don't count for nearly as much, because you know they're not supposed to be admirable. But when someone like April, who presents herself as a good person, a kind, caring, thoughtful person, thinks that acknowledging you with a "goodbye" is all you should get when she's with her REAL friends, that's a bait-and-switch that even normals have a hard time dealing with. Doing that to Shannon is the real cruelty. Shame on you, Lynn. Shame on you.

*I love that one contributor to Coffee Talk, who gushed about Liz's Mtig experience, and conveniently overlooked that little incident in which Liz booked out on them.