June 27th, 2007

Thursday, June 28

Panel 1: Yep, a hug from April. "Best speech ever." Really? Better than "I have a dream"? "Ich bin ein Berliner"? Reagan's speech after Challenger? Yeah, I know she means the best she's ever heard in real time, or the bravest thing anyone's ever done at R. P. Boire. Whatever.

And someone's actually saying "You go, girl." One of the silhouettes. Again, where were these people when the harassment was ongoing?

Panel 2: Again with the echolalia. Now we know why Shannon is the spokesperson for the YWCers. And I'm sure it did take guts. You know what else would take guts? Going through the proper channels.

Panel 3: Well, this I can see. In real life, it wouldn't last, though. And as I've said before, I would have been one of the people sitting there thinking, "I never made fun of you! Put away that broad brush!"

Panel 4: Oh...my...god...they're putting the ashes and sackcloth on themselves. I REFUSE to believe that these people could be in HIGH SCHOOL in 2000 and frakking SEVEN and NEVER have been told that it's wrong to make fun of people who are different, or to make fun of anyone. Lynn, it is NOT 1957.

Panel 5: Okay, let's follow that logic for a second. If you hadn't been born "dif'rent," or at all, there would still be people with disabilities. So in all this time, none of those other people were able to "make a difference"? You're the Chosen One? You were afflicted for the sole purpose of helping other afflicted people. I'm not sure I'd find that much comfort.