June 26th, 2007

Wednesday, June 27

Panel 1: Oh, for god's SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! Hey, didn't Barry Manilow write the theme song for that -- "Kids (With Special Needs) Are People Too"? Anyway, Shannon, get off the cross. EVERYONE your age has SOME kind of identity crisis. Most of them don't feel they're being taken seriously, especially not by adults. And I can't believe she's still up on the table and everyone's listening raptly. Or perhaps they're quietly gathering their tater tots.

Panel 2: Yeah, that's what I say.

Panel 3: Oh lord here it comes.

Panel 4: Oh, this is so realistic, I'm so proud of Shannon, here comes another Pulitzer. Jesus Christ on a surfboard; I'm so sure everyone would swtich from mocking to applauding just. like. that.

ETA: Okay, I got a second wind. The thing is, I can't even get behind the notion that it "took a lot of guts" for Shannon to do this. We've never seen her acting shy or self-conscious; she's actually kind of pushy. Now, if it was Jack, who seems to be more inhibited, then this would be a triumph. But Shannon's just doing what she's always been doing: emotional blackmail. April's been on the receiving end of it since late 2004. Why would anyone want to get to know Shannon, if all she has to offer is guilt trips and shakedowns for emails?

ETAAgain: And what the fuck are they applauding, anyway? "All of you, stop making fun of me!" "Yeah, way to tell us where to stick it!" "She's right -- we ARE jerks!" I mean, I can see a few people sidling up to her afterwards, saying, "Sorry about what I said," but not the whole cafeteria submitting to their own smackdown.