June 23rd, 2007

Sunday, June 24

Panel 1: Does Elly really have to strain so hard to carry a gooseneck lamp, a set of electric curlers, a teapot, a book, an Elmo, and something else I can't identify? Or is this just her usual approach to anything domestic, like she's going to war?

Panel 2: Oh, for crying out loud. She's shocked that people showed up at her garage sale? I can kind of understand if that one shadow is actually grabbing the lamp, but in that case, it's perfectly acceptable to bark at someone.

Panel 3: Ha, she's selling wrapping paper! And LPs? Surely she could get more for them at a used record store, unless they're like, Leo Sayer's Greatest Hits from K-Tel. Actually, I think I have my answer.

Panel 4: Guess someone likes Leo Sayer then! Or perhaps they're into shooting skeet.

Panel 5: More mutant Milborovians.

Panel 6: Whoa -- April looks anime! All she needs is the eye sparkles. And judging by advance reports, I guess she's going to suffer for this. Like such a thing never has happened. Or as if Elly could not have thought ahead, and brought nothing outside that she could not risk. That said, April sold a coffee cup with coffee IN IT?

Panel 7: Oh, I see how it goes. They probably told her "Everything. No, EVERYTHING! Just DO IT!"

Panel 8: Well, okay, that I have more trouble with. Surely she would have known what the calculator was being used for.

Panel 9: Okay, Lynn, I give. Teenagers are useless, especially April, I'm glad she's not my kid, she had this coming, yadda yadda.