June 22nd, 2007

Saturday, June 23


So April might be IN the telethon. Looks like my prediction will prove correct: April will vow to do everything in her power to help the telethon succeed, for the sake of her noble "friends". Except, if I were them, I'd say, "Shove off, April: you attract too much attention." Anyway, they're not "cuckoo"; I don't think anyone here is mentally ill. But why should any of these insults be accurate? People Are Mean, that's all that matters.

Panel 2: Well, all right! (Now, watch her be the one to get in trouble.)

Panel 3: OMG, she's gonna "take a stand." And Monday will be the Housening. Remember, peeps: soap opera. We'll be left in suspense, so just accept it.

Panel 4: Sad that even on the table, she's still not more than a head above the tallest student. Anyway, don't expect this to be continued. If it were an '80s teen comedy, of course, she'd give a rousing speech, and a slow clap would commence. But that wouldn't Build Suspense. This will be enough for the Yahoovians, at any rate; they'll be saying "GO SHANNON! Tell those mean normals what's what! Go Lynn for bringing this horrible injustice to our attention!"


Meanwhile, I wanted to share this with everyone. (I also posted this at r.a.c.s.)

Stephanie, Shannon's RL counterpart, does not have a stutter. Listen here: http://www.fbofw.com/features/shannon/images/radio_spot.mp3

It sounds to me as if it takes extra effort for her to form sounds with her mouth. Say "sponsor" out loud to yourself. First you do the "sp" blend, then you change to "o", then press your tongue to your palate for "n", then lower it a bit for "s", then finish with "or".

Nothing to it, right? Because you have the ability to do all of that in a millisecond. Stephanie apparently has more trouble, so you notice the shift between sounds. But for all that, it does not take that much more TIME for her to say a word, or a sentence, or a whole speech. All it is, is that
the shift is noticeable.

So once upon a time, Lynn decided that Shannon's speech impediment had to be highlighted, just so everyone knows she's Different. And Becky was the bad guy for being aware of this, while April was like, "What? What? I don't notice anything!" But now the Lynnions don't seem to realize what the origin of this is, and they think it's a stutter rather than a slur. Shannon is not, based on the recording of Stephanie, breaking her words up into syllables; she's breaking them up into sounds. But stuttering is now accepted as the default explanation for the ellipses.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but is stuttering not a matter of the brain not sending the right signals to the mouth and tongue? That doesn't seem to be the issue with Shannon, though: she knows what she wants to do, and CAN do it; it just takes more effort. But Jeremy's crack about timing Shannon's speech doesn't seem to apply.