June 21st, 2007

Friday, June 22

Panel 1: Okay, we finally get details on how and who this is for. But can we stop with the Gilbert and Sullivan already? "When a special needs kid doesn't have a wheelchair" "Have a wheelchair..." And for that matter, how can anyone who needs a wheelchair not have one?! I can understand having one that's not the newest latest, or that's worn out, certainly. But being non-ambulatory and not having ANY wheelchair? What, are there paras and quads in Milborough who are simply bed-bound because no one's had a telethon for them until now? Also, not sure why Ponytail girl is suddenly five feet away from April, when yesterday, they were shoulder to shoulder.

Panel 2: I'm laughing. Seriously. Gordon really has his hand in everything. And what does April mean by "Oh yeah." "Oh yeah, I know him"? Or is she just replying for politeness's sake?

Because that's something else that seems off about this. You can't just join a group, any group, no matter how much lower they are than you on the food chain, and have it be a seamless transition. These kids have their own shared history, their own way of interacting, and their own regular convo topics. April would be the odd one out, and it wouldn't surprise me if she was saying "Oh yeah" because she has nothing else to contribute.

Panel 3: Well, I don't blame you, April. And Lynnions, why did you have to give Shannon butt-chin? And I predict that this will lead into her tuning out YET ANOTHER insult.

Panel 4: Christ almighty. I'm not even going to try to translate "winkies." Y'all can take a shot at it if you like. I'm getting to the point of thinking it's APRIL who's being made fun of, not the YWCers. Perhaps she should stay away from them for their own good; she's a big propeller-headed target at their table. They might benefit more from her absence.

Panel 5: Really, are you, when you have to mention it all the time? Hey, Yahoovians, is this more of Shannon's Quick Wit?

ETA: Here's some food for thought, Lynn. Sometimes kids who are NOT special needs get made fun of. There's always going to be a kid who does or says something that makes him lose face. And that can be more enticing to a harasser than a special needs kid. I mean, Dylan was retarded yesterday, he's retarded today, and he'll be retarded tomorrow. Eventually, you run out of comments to make. But if a "normal" does something like fart during choir practice (my HS boyfriend; people got over it, but not for several weeks), that's NEW material!

And I don't know what's wrong with LiveJournal, but if your posts get eaten, it's them. Just keep trying!