June 20th, 2007

Thursday, June 21

Disclaimer: There's a lot of cursing in this. Something just got into me; apologies to the offended.

Panel 1: Oh lord, it is such a relief to see a YWCer who does not use ellipses! And I'm wondering if "going to" the telethon is simply a matter of being seen on camera, so it looks like there's tons of local support, so people will be inspired to call in. Perhaps the SN kids will even make on-camera pleas* to help them learn, or whatever this is about.

Panel 2: Well...actually, yeah. But the response that comes to mind is "Who asked you?...Go on, Shannon."

Panel 3: Oh, it is Jeremy! ETA: D'oh; he's not the same as Egghead Boy. But now we know he's not dead or run away. Not that his disappearance from the Hallowe'en Follies needs to be reconciled anyway.

And I hate to say it, but that was not the most mature response. Ignoring him would have been better, or what I said above. At that age, assholes know they are; telling them won't change anything. And April losing her shit is what he wanted.

Panel 4: Oh jeeeeeeeeeeeeez...How many frakking times does this point have to be made?

Panel 5: What in the hell? Smoking IN the cafeteria? We always went outside. Why is that girl standing right on top of April? And so they acknowledge that there's a rule against harassment. Well, I guess the school uniform rule, which was installed to keep order or some such, didn't work. And why is there another acromegalic in this panel?

*The cast of Red Green have done begathons for the public channels where they appear in the US. All in character, of course, and they do cool sketches, like Dalton Humphries showing how to use a pliers to get money out of a wallet. And once a woman said she'd pledge some big amount if Red would take off his hat. He did!

Okay, my point. One year, Harold was lurking around the phone banks. A phone was left unattended, perhaps on purpose, and he took the call. Imagine Harold whining, pleading, and screeching, "Only FIFTY?!" Now imagine...Shan...non...working...the...phones. She wouldn't be able to take as many calls as other operators, but...people would...prob..ably pledge thous...an...ds just to get off...the line.