June 18th, 2007

Tuesday, June 19

I...was...so...dist...racted by...the...el..lip..ses... that I didn't even notice the "an'" in panel 2. ETA: THREE of them! Lynn, WHY do you do this?! Do you honestly think we won't get it that Shannon Is Different?

Panel 1: "And you're worse than Hitler if you don't support it!" Still not buying the "kids with special needs" beneficiary. Really, I almost got scammed that way once. I had the sense to ask who these "poor people" were, and when I got a rambling answer, I kept walking. And I can't believe April wouldn't know this even without asking. I'm not convinced that someone who was participating would say "A telethon" instead of "A telethon for Down's Syndrome" or whatever. It's just natural to give details on something you're involved in, plus you want to build word-of-mouth.

Cookie Monster: "I hope I don't offend anyone saying this, but this panel looks like the League of Extraordinary Crippled Kids. The kid in the wheelchair is Professor X, and April is looking more and more like Kitty Pryde in every panel. Like she's going to phase through the wall and bitch-slap Gerald."

Panel 2: Oh, I know what she means, but this recalls Shan...non's imaginary apartment. Magic, not a magician. 24 hours -- would a begathon really run that long? Would they keep the mall open that long? Doesn't sound likely, really. And I love how April is totally boxed in by the YWC brigade. The silhouette on the far left looks like he's sucking her spirit out through her skull.

Panel 3: OMFG. They're even messing with her pronounciation. Anyway, this doesn't quite make sense. Gerald is The Band's drummer, so they couldn't play simulataneously with Rebeccah. And if April won't agree to Gerald playing a second set with The Band, then there IS no band. So I guess this is breaking the band up, then. April did say she was going to be professional, but now I'm wondering if Luis was right all along.

Panel 4: At least she didn't say "stag...es." Meanwhile, Cookie Monster says, "Pledge your dollars! Help the Special Ed kids get their shitty, fucked-up room with the sick yellow paint! By the boiler room!" Not a slam on SN kids, mind you. Just a commentary on how SN education is so woefully underfunded, and the SN kids are supposed to emerge brimming with confidence from that dungeon they always end up with. "Yes, children, this is how much the Board of Education loves you!"