June 17th, 2007

Monday, June 18

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: You know what? I am really glad that I'm tipsy right now. Because that means I'm able to laugh, instead of smash things, in response to the sheer madness of the plotting of this strip. Did anyone really believe that this would happen, much as we joked about it? And I love the juxtaposition of Julia and Shan..non. Incidentally, is this her third appearance this year? Or only the second quarterly one?

I will say this, though: Shan...non looks pretty good. The cut of the jacket lengthens her lines and makes her look less like a child. So for once, she doesn't have to be the fireplug next to April in her Sailor Moon gear.

Panel 2: Oh, the telethon! Well, it's still not worth abandoning the Lovepocalypse for, but at least we're getting some followup. On an April arc, no less.

Panel 3: Jeez, Apes, DTMFA. Whether or not you should be mad at him, you ARE, so just cut each other loose.

Panel 4: April, you look evil. Seriously, the longer you keep at this, the worse YOU look, until your hardening heart makes you worse than Becky or Gerald. Then again, I suppose this inevitable, given your family situation: you figure that you have to care more for yourself, because no one else cares about you at all.

Panel 5: What? Us who? You mean you and your classmates personally? Or for the school district's special ed program? Can they do begathons for that? For people with your condition, whatever it is? Or are you simply the self-appointed spokesperson for all special-needs people everywhere?

Really, I'd like to say that April should be shamed into putting aside her grudge, but this is just a bit too Funky Cancercancer. I find it hard to believe that a fundraiser big enough to be a TELEthon, with as big a star as Becky supposedly is (yet she still goes to public school and has to beat the bushes for backup musicians), would personally and directly benefit Shannon, and if April doesn't get on board, Shan...non will have to drop out of school or something. I get it about the greater good and all, but I'm not sure it's this cut-and-dried.

ETA: And that girl with the briefcase is looking at April like she wants to start something.

And do you realize what this means?! It's Monday in strip time as well as in our time! Which means we won't see whatever happened next at the wedding! Which do you vote for: a dreamy flashback, or just the next time we see Lizthony, he'll be carrying her over the threshold?