June 15th, 2007

Saturday, June 16

Panel 1: Okay, now we've got the Girl Friday giving the hero the "Go get her!" speech. I love how she's establishing herself as Friend, not even With Benefits. Of course it doesn't matter that Antoinette first described her as "a very nice girl...We get along well," which would presumably indicate some interest and a chance. The Lynnions are not comparing notes.

Anyway, Julia's doing it too! "Cares." Not "likes" or "loves" or "has feelings." Liz cares. Well, whoop-de-doo. I care about a lot of people. I only married one.

Panel 2: As nauseating as this is, her having to point it out, I'm glad I don't have to actually see Liz gazing at Antoinette. I think Cookie Monster said it best: "Better or Worse has become Luann."

Panel 3: Oh, my GOD! They do NOT have to make her look like Lovey! Anyway, sure, Granth, make a move. I won't even wish you'll fall in the punch bowl. Just. Get. On with it. I can't even address the sheer cruelty of making Julia unattractive AND self-sacrificing. ETA: And of course, what I mean by "unattractive" is "portrayed in such a way that being 20 pounds overweight means you have no shape and no neck, being short means you look ten years old, and not being shy means you're a human foghorn." Being short, plump and outgoing is NOT a bad thing IRL, but it is when you're drawn by the same person who draws Liz of Troy.

Really, why couldn't Julia be pleasingly plump, with forty square yards of cleavage, and charmingly outgoing, cracking up the whole table at dinner with her funny anecdotes? Being skinny with an updo and no conversational skills is not everyone's ideal.

Panel 4: But look at it this way. Julia is our avatar. She's saying what we're saying: no one in their right mind, not even a Yahoovian, would accept yet ANOTHER instance of Lizthony being thrown together and doing nothing about it. Anyway, Liz is not "with" the best man as such. They just freaking met. Normally, I frown on cock-blocking, but in this case, whatever it takes to put an end to the thought bubbles and basset-hound eyes.

Panel 5: ... I don't know whether to laugh, scream or vomit. I'll just leave it at, I love Julia winking. Oh, Julia, you could have been such a cool addition to the strip. If only you'd been given a chance.

And on Monday, we'll get the Housening. Mark my words.