June 14th, 2007

Friday, June 15

Panel 1: Okay, here we go. She's noticed the difference. Perhaps this time she'll do more than think about it. Unlike the last time she reflected on how he changed http://www.fborfw.com/strip_fix/archives/002137.php and nothing came of it. She almost looks scared, though, or at least wary. And she's still clutching her skirt.

And it might be logical to conclude that Antoinette made these changes for Julia's sake, since they happened so abruptly, but probably not. In fact, the timing is a bit off for Liz to be so impressed. Changes should be noted after a long absence, for maximum impact, but we last saw him a few weeks ago. Still, the awkward timing in this strip has been a problem for quite a while, especially in the Lovepocalypse arc.

Panel 2: So go back to him and be done with it. You look like a teenager yourself. And I won't remind you that Anthony was not the ideal boyfriend back then, because I'm sure all that's been retconned, and when they finally get together again, they'll be reminiscing about their romantic picnic and moonlight swim on Prince Edward Island or something.

Panel 3: Just go run to him. If you're going to act erratically during someone else's photo session, there better be a payoff.

Panel 4: Hey, I think that last poster was right! Mason is going to be the Helpful Gay Friend!

Panel 5: Oh for crying in the cornflakes. Now Granthony's going to get jealous again. And Mason's earlier comment was meant in the same spirit as this exchange from "Seven Brides": "If you'll just follow me..." "To the ends of the earth." And Liz will get Torn Between Two Lovers. I would say I hope there's a huge brawl that ends with someone's head in the cake, but it's Shawna-Marie and T.H.E. Groom's wedding, and they shouldn't have it marred by Liz's drama.

And hel-LO, is no one going to offer a helping hand to the maid of honor, who clearly has the same problem? And I would love to see Antoinette try to do what Mason's doing. Really, I would, because he'd probably have a coronary. And why the frak doesn't Liz just STEP OUT OF her shoes?!