June 13th, 2007

Thursday, June 14

Panel 1: Oh, great. Julia really is overweight. She's standing awkwardly, a big wide barrier between Liz and Antoinette. Note to people who think they're overweight. I do not think overweight = unattractive, or uncouth, or whatever. Any denigrating remarks I make about Julia's appearance, please take them in the spirit of translating Lynn's visual shorthand. I'm sure we're SUPPOSED to see her as inferior.

Anyway. She has an asymmetrical hem. To me, that says, free spirit, making the most of what she has. But I'm sure it's supposed to mean, "She should wear an Overweight Schoolmarm Outfit, or stay home." She also doesn't know anyone except Antoinette. So if he ditches her, I hope we're not still supposed to think he's the perfect gentleman. And she talks openly about her work. Is that supposed to be a bad thing, too? Because it's sure not for Mike or Gordon. But what am I saying -- they're guys.

Panel 2: Oh, how dare they make Julia look like that. And Liz looks so relieved to have an excuse to get away from this supposed troll. Anyway, what happened to the receiving line? Shouldn't Mason have been in it as well? Did Liz get sucked into Julia's gravitational pull? Or is it just shoddy mise-en-scene, as usual?

Panel 3: Now Mason has black hair? WTF? And yay for helpful Liz! As soon as she's called to the picture taking, she's there! Not like she should have been alert to that in the first place. I wonder if Mason is supposed to come off as bossy. Liz is smiling at him, though, so perhaps not. And she's clutching her skirt -- to keep it clear of Horrible Julia? Or because she's so excited by the presence of Mason? And is Antoinette glaring?

Panel 4: So Mason is already possessive of Liz (who has a nice-looking ass for once in her life). And Antoinette is wistfully watching her leave. I was going to say that we've been here before, but have we? He never saw her with Eric, Paul or Warren, IIRC. And he knew Dennis was a date, not a boyfriend, because April told him. So we haven't seen this exact scenario.

Panel 5: So Antoinette is going to be the world's most unfun date for the rest of the reception. Who cares if Julia enjoys herself at this shindig where he's the only person she knows. And he got a punch? Look, asshole, you SAID you asked Julia out because you'd been getting to know, and like, her. If you wanted Liz to be your date so frakking bad, you could have asked her out, Warren or no Warren. You could have TRIED to play the "just friends" card. You could have TRIED anything. Liz meeting another guy is not a punch in the stomach to you; it's inevitable when you do nothing to prevent it. (Although I wouldn't mind you getting a punch in the nads.)

Again I say, at this point I don't mind if Liz and Antoinette get together. I just want this to be resolved.