June 12th, 2007

Wednesday, June 13

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Yep, the bride and groom are the only black people to be seen. Ree-dam-diculous. As others have observed, S-M must have no relatives besides her mom, and T.H.E. Groom doesn't either. And we still don't know his name! Who wants to bet that at some point, he'll be shown or mentioned and called by some improbable name like "Rudiger", and we'll be expected to automatically know who he is.

Panel 2: Who is that old guy that S-M is kissing on the mouth? And other than that, it's impossible to tell who's talking to, looking at, or touching who. Liz looks rather perturbed, though. Was the "good luck" meant for her, like good luck being a bride at some point?

Panel 3: Oh, lord, she's got black hair, same as Therese. And gee, Anthony talks about Liz a lot. And he really did ditch the moustache. I suppose it's a slight improvement. And Julia is, of course, going to be a martyr about being out of the running even before the gun sounded.

Panel 4: She says an', and she looks about twelve. And she's going to show her teeth. Soooooo not worthy of Granthony. So not competition for Liz. And for a second, I thought the 'stache was back, but then I realized it was the upper of Granthony's Lips of Metrosexuality.

Panel 5: Okay, so John made a pun, and referenced the greening of America. So the focus is on what he did, not so much on Julia's lack of couth. Lynn has set a new record, I think. At least, I can't remember the last time a new character showed up pre-assassinated. Though I'm not sure why Liz is gawking; it's not like she's never seen dental work before. Bottom line, though, is that Julia has shown teeth, so she's doomed.