June 11th, 2007

Tuesday, June 12

Thank you, spotts1701, you've done well!

While I'm waiting for today's strip to appear, I'd like to restate a post I made on r.a.c.s. (I was in a hurry when I said it then, so this won't be word-for-word.)

"It's funny...I'm satisfied with the ending of "Sopranos". If I'm as nitpicky and demanding as you say, I should be tearing that show apart. Why am I not? Well, because I'm satisfied with the way the story played out right up until that last shot. Everyone's talking about that last scene, but they're mostly overlooking something very, very satisfying that happened earlier on. They're griping about what was a darn good episode, and IMO, a complete one. I don't feel let down by David Chase.

"I DO feel let down by Lynn. Why? Because she threw away what could have been a very interesting storyline -- Liz stays up north, continues teaching, has a mixed-race, mixed-faith wedding -- for all this stopping and starting. For the sake of it, it seems like. Very little has been satisfying in FBOFW for the past few years. We're not shown plot development; we're shown plot points, stretched out over a week's worth of strips at a time.

"And FTR, I don't think Saturday's strip is "ordinary and plausible." The best man escorts the MOH. Grooms do not assign people to each other over and above the wedding-party configurations. Mason's introduction is heavy-handed, and condescending to the readers. We don't even get to wonder if they'll hit it off. Whereas, I'm left not knowing what happens to Tony S., and somehow, I feel totally fulfilled. Odd, that. I think it's called SUSPENSE."


Panel 1: Oh, poor Lizzie; she's not married. Can't she ever think about anything else? What? Oh, yeah, you're right: it's perfectly normal that she's constantly thinking about her marital status? What? Oh, I forgot: We only see a little bit of her life at once; we don't know what she does or thinks when she's off panel. Okay. But...Aren't the bits that we see supposed to be the relevant bits? And if we keep seeing Liz from this angle, doesn't it mean that her marital status is supposed to be important? What?...

Panel 2: So Dawn was already engaged in January 2005, and she won't be married until 2008? Well, I'm sure someone can justify a three-year engagement. Meanwhile, who are all these wedding guests? They look like Fisher-Price Little People! And who is the guy taking pictures? I don't think a wedding photog would be in that spot. Is he yet ANOTHER guy instantly hooked by Liz of Troy?

Panel 3: Okay, a remark that's not totally self-serving.

Panel 4: Waitaminut...That's not Mason...

WTF?! Did we effect change in the Foobiverse?! Did Granthony shave off the pornstache? Is this it?! He looks like a woman, though. WTF?!

ETA: Now that the shock has worn off: Does this NEVER end? He's ignoring his date so he can thought-balloon at Liz, AS ALWAYS!

ETAAgain: And why is Liz looking anywhere besides straight ahead?