June 9th, 2007

Sunday, June 10

Panel 1: Elly's packing, and Edgar looks like he's afraid he'll get closed up in a box too. No, Eddy, you'll probably just get left, like everything else that goes with the house. Still, this makes it a continuity Sunday strip. I think the last time we had a Sunday that reflected new developments in the dailies was when April brought sunshine to Jim and Iris. And even that was not entirely dependent on Jim having had a stroke.

Panel 2: Well, pulling tape off a roll does sound like "Skrittt." I'm not sure why Elly has to stick her ass out so far, though. And my mom always said "Small: heavy. Big: light," when it came to packing. If that box is filled to the brim with books, it'll need a crane to lift it.

Panel 3: More packing. How long has that zigzag sweater been hanging around?

Panel 4: Now what is this? Is she untangling the Christmas lights just because they're there? Or is she just now putting them away, because it's been so hectic an' all, she hasn't had time before? April looks like she's going to be sick.

Panel 5: Ah, now we've got a deadline! And April says "YOU'RE not moving." Isn't she? April-bashers will, of course, say that this is April brattily trying to assert herself, pretending she's not going to move even though she is and she has to and anyway she has a choice and she needs to grow up. However, I wonder if she is going to stay and be Mike an' Dee's handmaid live-in babysitter.

Panel 6: And now April looks as if she can barely repress a laugh. I, on the other hand, don't have to repress it.

Panel 7: Yeah, and?

Panel 8: Now, why would anyone pack spare glasses? Does John break his glasses regularly? I don't HAVE spare glasses. Unless you count my grunge-era hornrims from about five prescriptions ago.

Panel 9: Well, I guess you weren't organized, eh, Elly?