June 8th, 2007

Saturday, June 9

Panel 1: Hooray! Liz is being helpful! She's going to hold Dawn's plate while Dawn tries to negotiate a potentially unpleasant situation! Go Liz!

And now I'm confused about who's supposed to be the bad guy. We've seen that S-M's mom is overbearing, but S-M is the one who's getting loud, and brides lose a lot of sympathy when they do that. Meanwhile, Liz's Smug, Closed-Eye Patterson Look would seem to indicate that they've both been through this before ("stressing out AGAIN"), but since Dawn had to fill Liz in on the situation, that doesn't seem likely.

Panel 2: WTF. Is Lynn introducing ANOTHER suitor?

Panel 3: So basically, Paul all over again. Well, I'm not going to get too attached to him. And we've been over this before, about escorts. The best man and MOH should be paired off, right? Does Dawn's presumed married/engaged status preclude that? ETA: If I was inclined to cut Lynn/the Lynnions any slack, I'd say Dawn is the matron of hono(u)r, but used the term "maid of hono(u)r" instinctively.

Anyway, I wonder how well the groom knows Liz. Mason's (MASON?! Is he going to build a castle? Is that how we know he's Prince Charming?) introduction sounds rather as if he was told, "Someone has to keep the blonde one distracted. If she doesn't have a man at her side, she'll end up making a scene at the reception. You -- do you mind?" And how the flip does she not know who the best man is by now?

Panel 4: ::headdesk:: Oh, so it WOULDN'T be fun if you didn't have an ESCORT, is that it? What a self-centered bint.

Mason has Granthony's stance in panel 3. However, in panel 4, it appears he has his own face template. ETA: Sorry, but I don't see Gerald. The nose is different, and the chin is more prominent. This guy has a beefcake look that I don't believe we've ever seen before.