June 3rd, 2007

Monday, June 4


Cookie Monster says, "I'm just...blown away," to which I said, "Interesting choice of words."

On to the strip. Please bear in mind that I'm still stunned from Sopranos, though.

Panel 1: Who's talking, I wonder? And the strip is acknowledging the letters.

Panel 2: "In a rush." What was she in such a rush for, I wonder? Why wasn't she in a rush last September? Or in January? And here's Candace again.

Panel 3: Violet, aqua, yellow, and green. Even allowing for a pastel green, I can't picture those colors together in harmony.

Panel 4: What function? The reception? Why wouldn't they want people at the reception to know they're bridesmaids?

Panel 5: Yeah, whatever. I don't get the bridesmaid-gown hate.