May 31st, 2007

Friday, June 1

"Quotes": Two.

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Well, I'll be. I was fully prepared to see John/Elly, Mike/Dee, Liz or even a pet strip. Anyway, Gerald sounds like he's either a couple years younger, or as if he hasn't been coupled with April that long. By this time, he should be more attuned to what would tick her off, and broken up with her if he couldn't live with it. Someone said yesterday that Gerald seems like he looks at April as a potential gig; not someone he's really committed to, and that sounds about right. And I don't know what he means by "just kidding around." Again, I think the Lynnions were just told, "Gerald doesn't understand," and all they had to do was give the impression of that.

Panel 2: Ooooooooh, the acid test. Will she forgive all in the name of couplehood? And I don't know or like where this may be going (tm KOTH). It's okay if April's known as a gig because it's with Gerald, her acknowledged boyfriend? I thought part of the appeal of monogamy at that age (well, any age, but especially adolescence) was knowing that you could TRUST your partner, and that your private business together would stay private.

Panel 3: They're still two separate issues, Apes. Of course, if they're compounded, that's more reasonable. But still, you and Eva are the only people who know that Becky is evil. If you can't save Gerald, just let him go. Build a bunker in which to hide when Becky finally grows to 50 feet tall and storms Canada, frying people with her laser-beam eyes. I'll tell her to get your brother first.

And of course, "one-night stand." Come ON. No one nowadays uses that phrase in its original context. This is about as subtle a setup as Krusty carrying a stack of pies.

Panel 4: Well, that's interesting. Gerald appears to have been pwned, but I'm not sure how. One would think, if April was going to coyly toss a barb over her shoulder, it would be to the effect that Gerald can have as many nights with Becky as he likes. As it is, it sounds more like April is uncertain and anxious about her claim on Gerald. Or is she saying that she now finds Gerald more repugnant than Becky? Or is it supposed to be a sex joke? In which case, I don't want to think about it.