May 30th, 2007

Thursday, May 31

"An'"s: One.

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Ohhhh, is this an old story. Eva told April something that upset her worldview. She's looking for reassurance, and Eva won't give it. So April will still be agitated when she confronts Gerald, and that will break them up. Then April will be even more loyal to Eva, who at least was the only one who would tell her the bad news for her own good. The fact that Eva ends her sentence with an ellipsis may also indicate that they've been on this subject, off and on, for the past 24 strip-hours if not more. Which is further ammunition for Eva: once April gets over whatever there'll be to get over, she'll owe Eva for putting up with her during her crisis.

Panel 2: Well, "hmph" yourself. You know, I'm not even sure Gerald ever criticized Becky, either for being roadside or leaving the band, so he probably can't even be charged with hypocrisy.

Panel 3: Oh, for crissakes. You are the one who drew SIDES. And I can't wait to hear what April will have to say about telethons. Wait -- a telethon at a mall?

Panel 4: Uh oh: Smug Closed-Eye Patterson look.

Panel 5: Okay: threats of physical violence. Prompted by a petty, pointless vendetta. Nice. And Eva's laughing. But once again, the setup does not fit the punchline. I would have said, "Away from me." But how is April in any position to ask Gerald to go on the road, unless it's in the figurative sense I just described? And why does someone have to be on the road in order to get stomped? And is this going to be hashed out with Gerald? Highly unlikely. Big talk from a passive-aggressive Patterson.