May 29th, 2007

Wednesday, May 30

Panel 1: More exposition. Mike has a girl's face and is in a femme pose. Dee is hanging on to him while he looks straight ahead. Is this the ravine where the Pattersons said goodbye to a dog who had had a good life and was not worth more than a human life no matter what some people say?

Panel 2: Deanna, there is a two-pound box of Godivas coming your way. You actually. Mentioned. April. Anyway, the way this strip has been going, it sounds like they're edging towards eager to assume ownership, not "OMG WE HAVE A HOUSE WHY US WHY NOW?!"

Panel 3: "Once we have it all to ourselves, we can..."

1) Cause Elly, who gave them a PERFECT house, so why would they want to change anything, to explode in a cloud of hairpins, teeth, and a frantically wagging tongue.

2) Spend copious amounts of money, which they can't afford because they're soooooo poooooor, making changes.

3) Embark on DIY projects which will cause the Delicate Genius to whine and curse and scare his kids.

4) Act like grownups. Ooh, scary.

5) Do a complete Trading Spaces makeover, which will be completed with impossible ease and off-panel.

Panel 4: You know, this actually wouldn't be a half-bad punchline, in the context of the strip (it's not deep or amusing, but it's not a pun and it's not whiny), if Mike said it out loud and we saw Deanna's reaction. There is just too little communication between any one character and any other. The overall impression is of a family that is so tense, estranged, or both, that they all live in their own bubble, barely interacting beyond, "Pizza or Chinese?" or "What's a subpoena?" This is why we don't like your characters, Lynn. They all seem to be out for number one, almost as if they're all enemies to each other.

Ooh! Ooh! I can't believe I forgot this! How come marking territory was a bad thing in October 2005? I mean, Mike did say "SOME people are MORE primitive," but that's still admitting that the action is primitive to some extent. I guess it's okay if you don't have war memorabilia, though.