May 25th, 2007

Saturday, May 26

Panel 1: Again, Dark Side Cookie says "Of course you didn't! But, this is what you get for your attitude! You SHOULD feel guilty, for not appreciating everything you have!" Meanwhile, Jedi Cookie wonders if Eva's house is the way station for April: if, when she leaves, she'll leave Milborough forever.

Panel 2: Oh, it's not Eva's house. Well, you see? April gets to have a friend over! So why is she thinking "dungeon"? And she looks evil. Mayhap she DID put a curse on the house.

Panel 3: Keep who here? Her parents? Mike? The thing is, she's feeling guilty about something that doesn't benefit her, but just keeps the situation as bad as it was, if not worse. Dark Side Cookie: "Well, that's what she gets for thinking only of herself! And maybe this'll make her realize that just because she had to give up her room, and get yelled at for living in a mess (which she does; she shouldn't have stood on principle and refused to clean up the junk that mysteriously appeared in her room belonging to no one), and no one listens to her, and she doesn't have milk for her granola, pooooooooor baby, and she has to take shorter showers, THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM!"

And I meant, but forgot, to mention that I love how they're eating Hot Spudz!

Panel 4: Huh. And I was just going to compliment Lynn for having the person of color NOT be superstitious. Still, that's an interesting twist. Even if John has insurance, is this covered? I know tornadoes are an act of God (right?). Anyway, I'm NOT saying that belief in god is a superstition. My objection was to the idea that God personally smacked down John, with all the other problems there are in the world. BUT, if "act of God" actually means "random, arbitrary, not for us to reason why," then hallelujah! John actually put himself in the path of something that would have happened anyway, but didn't have to affect him? Serves you right, Train Man!

BIG ETA! OMG, am I stupid! Apologies to anyone who already said this: This is CONFIRMATION that April caused the tree to PRAYING for it! As dreadedcandiru points out, April doesn't have a clue how prayer works. So this IS her fault. Now she'll probably devote the rest of her life to cleaning John's trains with a toothbrush, as penance.


Cookie Monster: "Liz and Mike have REAL problems. April's just a kid."

Me: "So, are grown-ups supposed to deal with REAL problems by storming into the house, stomping upstairs, slamming their doors and screaming? And if April has a sad look on her face, SHE'S throwing a temper fit?"

Cookie Monster: "So what should John and Elly do for April?"

Me: "Pay attention to her! Instead of fawning over people who quit their jobs, ditch their boyfriends, and generally ACT like teenagers!

"...You know what, though? Perhaps it's for the best that April's parents don't care about her. At least this way, she'll have to become self-sufficient, because she'll know crawling back into the womb is not an option! So she won't turn out like her siblings!"