May 24th, 2007

Friday, May 25

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Okay, I've gone over to the dark side. Someone on another forum said re: yesterday's strip that April "always thinks 'Me me ME'." I've come to realize that nothing can happen to April, no matter how demeaning, that can't be justified. She can't even experience guilt without being marked as a spoiled brat.

As such, I'm glad we don't have to hear from the whiny brat again. Her pouting gets on my nerves so bad. After all, she has a choice of where to live. And she needs to grow up and accept the fact that she has to move because her parents are moving. That's not at all contradictory, BTW.

Anyway. So John and Mike are disassembling the tree. Will this be Red Green slapstick? A bonding moment between father and son? A passing of the torch when John gets them into a tight spot and Mike saves the day? Or just a lot of grumbling about how home ownership is like a tree-related pun?

Probably the last one. In which case, feel free to try out some tree-related puns! See how close we can get!

Panel 1: Okay, so Mike has "some guys" coming over to help. This could mean that he's ready to assume the adult mantle: he immediately assessed the problem and knows it requires a crew. I wonder if these guys are from the yellow pages, or some phantom friends we've never seen before?

Panel 2: Aha! It's Mike's house, and Daddy's outie 5000! I love Mike's awkwardly bent elbow. That's not especially confident body language, dude. And John looks like he took out his false teeth, which he doesn't have, so who drew him?

Panel 3: Aw, poor baby.

Panel 4: Okay, for once I don't want to slap anyone. John has clearly taken a stand, and Mike won't be weasling free handyman services from him! Woohoo!