May 23rd, 2007

Thursday, May 24

Panel 1: WTF? Aren't the Pattersons Redux living in the Pattermanse? As in, right down the street from the TTH? If this is John or Elly, why are they calling him instead of returning to the house? And it looks as if we're actually going to see the Delicate Genius do something for his parents.

Panel 2: And there's April, centered in the background. Naturally, she must be wondering how this will affect her. Cue the chorus: "Well, April's 16 and thinks the world revolves around her. It's natural she would pitch a fit."

Panel 3: Oh, is that guilt? I wonder if Lynn is actually going to have April blame herself. She didn't want to move, and she got her wish, and isn't she selfish.

Panels 4-5: Look, I'm flipping between Idol and Lost. I don't have to say it: you guys will, and better than I can at the moment. ETAAgain Okay, I know the results of Idol. And Lost will be over for me before you could fully spoil it, so don't worry.

ETA: Okay, we're on a commercial. I think this will be the true test of the Pattersons. If April "confesses" and the others reassure her, and further tell her that they appreciate all she's done to accomodate them, it will all have been worth it. Otherwise, no.

And honestly, how old is April supposed to be? I remember once praying for rain, and when an epic, flood-causing rain happened, I felt horribly guilty. Except, you know how old I was? FOUR. And I wanted rain because I wanted the creek to fill up. April, OTOH, has a valid reason to hope the move wouldn't happen, but she has hardly said anything about it, and when she has, no one listened. She shouldn't have been praying for a mishap; she should have been feeling better by now, if she'd ever been listened to. As others have said, the April-bashers want to have it both ways.