May 22nd, 2007

Wednesday, May 23

Panel 1: Oh, so they didn't see it happen. What a shame -- I loved the idea of the two of them goggling at disaster. Notice how you cannot tell John and Elly apart in silhouette, but I'm sure it's Elly asking the question and John answering it. Can he really identify the tree that readily, BTW? Is birch relatively light, like, okay, it's a birch tree; it can't have done much damage?

Panel 2: Aha, so they did buy it! Suckas!

Panel 3: Perhaps dealing with it could include getting out of the way of falling twigs? And Elly's in shock, eh? Could this trigger a heart attack?

Panel 4: Okay, now I really want to know how fallen plaster is a good thing. I wasn't the only one thinking of Garp yesterday (I just don't like John Irving). ETA: Well, I suppose if it's going to happen at all, better it happens when the house is empty.

Panel 5: Because you're always angry, woman! Suppose he did match your hysteria. You know what would probably happen? Eventually, you'd start blaming each other. And even you getting angry is not going to help or change anything.

Panel 6: What. Ever. No wonder John hides in his workshop.