May 21st, 2007

Tuesday, May 22

Panel 1: So we just leave April like that. You know, as someone on Crown Princess astutely pointed out, the imagery in yesterday's last panel is wrong. April's not being imprisoned. She's being kicked to the curb.

Anyway. Blah blah blah, can't wait, gonna love it, American Canadian Gothic. But I love how Elly says she "made up her mind." As if it mattered. It has not escaped my notice that Elly had this dropped on her pretty abruptly too. And Deanna. But Elly was at least involved in the discussion, and Deanna is so lobotomized, if Mike told her he wanted to move to Moose Jaw and live in a yurt, she would start musing about how it had always been her dream to live in Moose Jaw in a yurt. So none of the wimminfolk really get veto power. And let's give thanks that Liz only pitched a fit about other people supposedly dragging her feet, instead of a "Where am I supposed to go?!" outburst.

Panel 2: "The kids." John, you have three children. One of, forget it.

Panel 3: OH.


Panel 4: Oh yes! Oh yes!

Panel 5: TAKE THAT! WOOHOO! OMGWTFBBQ, did Lynn actually catch us off guard? I believe she did!

But for what she said in panel 3, Elly deserves that branch landing right on her bun.

ETA: Oh, and a pun. "Falling into place." I guess it would be funny if one is not so inclined to see the larger joke of Train Man and Sheet Shaver Who Have Two Grown Kids End Of Story get pwned.

I'm going to open up a second thread again tomorrow morning, but I hope that more than 17 people will post in it!

And an anecdote to share about age and appearance. I'm 37. Today I was in 7-11 today, around 1pm, wearing jeans, a hoodie and my hair down. While I was waiting in line, an elderly man said, "Miss, where are your parents?" Thinking I could have some fun with this, I said, "They're in Vegas." "Oh, so they went on vacation and you decided to skip school?" "I've been skipping school since 1988." ":boggle:" "Here's my license." Make of that what you will.