May 20th, 2007

Monday, May 21

Panel 1: Okay, the Housening. As usual, I wonder what they would have told her and when if she hadn't asked. This would not be an issue if only she had been considered in their plans. I mean, even if it's just to say "April won't like it but so what." They just didn't think of her at all. Cookie Monster, BTW, is on Team Big Deal So April Has To Move, and I have not been able to sway him!

Panel 2: Woo! Nice hourglass figure! Is she really a Patterson? And I can't say I don't cringe a bit at "I wanted," but OTOH, she's the one who first made the suggestion. She actually thought more about Mike's family than he did, and it was a perfectly good suggestion. This is something to remember the next time she says "I dunno" in response to "Pizza or Chinese?" And Elly, the house will be "too big" when April goes to uni, but that's only two years away.

Panel 3: Well, at least he's acknowledging that she's upset and has SOME right to be. As for the opportunity, y'all know what I think about that.

Panel 4: A hug. And another basement. I've said it before: no work will get done on that basement. She'll just be living in disarray again, and called ungrateful for not appreciating the promise and actually expecting it to be kept.

Panel 5: All I've got to say about this is, I know the April-bashers are going to use it as further proof of her alleged brattitude. The way they carry on, you would think that she's been having crying jags, cursing her family, and threatening to cut herself or take an overdose. In fact, all she's done is say "I live here! What about ME?" and have some gloomy thought balloons. That does NOT justify all the "spoiled brat, get over yourself" commments. But that's what they'll be saying.