May 18th, 2007

Saturday, May 19

Panel 1: Yeah, see? It's just like someone said earlier: this is especially upsetting for Iris because Jim is no longer the man she married.

Panel 2: Well, we know he can think normally. And the framing of this strip is depressing.

Panel 3: Hey, that's another thing. Is is normal for Jim to still be so much of sound mind? I mean, the aphasia is only one aspect of his condition. As far as we know, Jim recognizes everyone who visits (WHEN they do); he still knows when he needs to think a little man-symbol; he knows why he's doing therapy, and so forth. But some stroke victims have a much greater degree of confusion, do they not?

Panel 4: ...sigh...

Panel 5: Well, I guess that's sweet.

But it still does not justify the rest of this arc.