May 15th, 2007

Wednesday, May 16

Panel 1: Huh. This could get interesting. Especially since Iris's lower body is facing in a completely different direction from her torso.

Panel 2: Oh lord. This is going to be about his military service, I know it.

Panel 3: So which question is he responding to? Then again, he did have his left hand on his right arm yesterday.

Panel 4: So he's flashing back to taking some oath?

Panel 5: Now, why can't this be the last panel?

Panel 6: Oh god almighty. WHY? Lynn, we get it! You hate your father! But we don't, so stop already!

And it's funny: at first, I was going to say, "Poor Iris, she's afraid to stay out too long and comes back before the session is over." But instead, her entrance was perfectly timed to further martyr her.