May 13th, 2007

Monday, May 14

Sorry I'm late again! Sopranos. Now let's see if today's strip would have been worth being on time for.

Panel 1: Ah, more of the olds. Well, at least Iris rejoicing in a break from her 24/7 job was not the last word. As it is, I'm flashing on "My Fair Lady."

Panel 2: Well, it looks like he's trying.

Panel 3: Sigh. Now I'm thinking, "Now what starts with the letter C?"

Panel 4: Does he ever say "no"?

Panel 5: Oh, ha ha. Yeah, that's how we show The Quiet Dignity of the Disabled Elderly. We show that they're still horndogs. Great.

Three things.

Okay, I'm more shook up than I realized by that Sopranos episode. I meant to include two of these three items in today's entry.

1. Chapter 3 of Windjammer! is up.

2. Kate Johnston has become a Lynnion.

3. I saw the comments about how people found this blog. Just wanted to say, I'm glad there are so many avenues, because without all you guys, this blog wouldn't be possible!