May 12th, 2007

Sunday, May 13

Panel 1: Okay, what Lynnion drew Robin? He looks like an adult dwarf. And how is this a Mother's Day treat?

Panel 2: That is one thing I have to give Lynn props for. FOOBians have always had five fingers. Or four fingers and a thumb, however you want to look at it.

Panel 3: So the people whose dead-tree version starts here won't even know, until the last panel probably, that they're en route to a Mother's Day Treat. Also, a question: Does anyone's kids really say those two things? I don't recall ever saying, "Are we there yet?" while the car was in motion. If we hadn't stopped anywhere, OF COURSE we weren't "there yet"!

Panel 4: Ah, they learn fast. Brother has to annoy sister, and sister has to whine to higher authority instead of retaliating.

Panel 5: Oh, jeez, Deanna; don't say that. Remember who's writing you: the queen of poo and pee jokes.

Panel 6: Deanna, don't just THINK a curse. If they're going to talk in cliches, so can you. "I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND DO YOU HEAR ME!"

Panel 7: Now that actually makes me laugh. "Smells funny." Gee, I bet he does.

Panel 8: Again, does any kid really ask that? Now that the car has stopped, the appropriate question would be "Are we HERE?" Not "there".

Panel 9: Right: we don't want to upset the DOG. Mom, of course, rates lower than a dog.

Panel 10: Are WE there yet?! Oh, wow, another multi-culti friend.

Panel 11: Yeah, wow.

Panel 12: Oh, man.

Lynn, you are a hateful beast.