May 10th, 2007

Friday, May 11

If Yahoo has still not updated, try this link:

Panel 1: More "family and friends." Wonder what the speech pathologist makes of "boxcar."

Panel 2: Hey, Iris is getting better at reading Jim! Time was when she would have said, "Okay, let's get some rest. Come on, Jim, why are you squirming? You WANT to rest, don't you?" So that's progress, too.

Panel 3: Again with the tea. And she really is attentive to his every need. This is so sad.

Panel 4: were doing so well there, and now you start nagging.

Panel 5: Well, that's one you can take two ways.

Only one more day, guys. Assuming this is a one-week arc, which I hope to almighty it is.