May 7th, 2007

Tuesday, May 8

Panel 1: I'm accepting "yes" as a hit. At worst, it could be a metaphor for Jim's life: he might as well say "yes" to everything, since it would make no difference if he said no.

Panel 2: Sigh. I don't doubt that he's tense. The therapist, or whatever she is, looks like Carleen with different-color hair.

Panel 3: Is this leading up to a "what's there to get out of bed FOR" punchline?

Panel 4: Wonder when that was? I'm thinking perhaps earlier than his military service, since I don't think they issue gunny sacks in the army. He shot birds or something, and carried them home? Why would he run, then? Was he poaching?!

Panel 5: Sigh. Well, try to think of it as "I did that; so I can do this" instead.

P.S. Chapter 2 of "Windjammer!" is up!