May 3rd, 2007

Friday, May 4

Panel 1: Right reponse at the wrong time. This is what you should have been saying after you discovered Chudsers, instead of "Why didn't anyone TELLLLLL ME?" and "Who's guiding MY future?" And watch yourself, getting emotional behind the wheel. Both my parents, my husband and I can all tell you what that leads to. (Respectively, jumping a curb, sideswiping another car, running off the road and overclocking the gearbox.)

Panel 2: Yes, he did receive an invitation. (And as has already been noted, he would have had no fun being a bridesmaid's escort that he couldn't have on his own.) Not necessarily an "of course" that he would ask someone else, but he still might not have gone just to see you. And although I can't say you're unreasonable to think he would hang around forever, the way he's acted towards you, he WAS your Dick Behind the Glass. And that other driver is looking at you. You must be driving erratically.

Panel 3: Well, no accident pending, so we don't get a repeat of Mike and Deanna.

Panel 4: Hurrah! Admitting it is the first step! And gadzeeks, you look like a wooden mask some First Nations person carved. But it is scary that THIS is how you measure your worth. Not where you live. Not what you do. Not how you treat people who are not romantic prospects. It's all about whether you have a may-un.