April 30th, 2007

Tuesday, May 1

Mayday! Mayday! Lovepocalypse approaching!

Look, I'm going to approach this as if I never saw a spoiler. More on that later.

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Oh, a wedding. So we're going to do the "everybody's a couple except me" routine again. And gee, I wonder who she could call for an escort?

Panel 2: Whew, Candace hasn't changed that much. So there's some hope. Is Liz a bridesmaid? If so, then she'd have a date -- the corresponding usher. So unless that guy is Granthony, she must not be a 'maid. Then again, if she is and Granthony is a guest, her official escort could be a boor, and Granthony could relieve her of duty.

Panel 3: Okay, this is nitpicky, but whether Liz is a guest or in the wedding party, she does not "invite," because it's not her party. She brings an escort, on her own invitation; she does not extend an invitation to someone else.

Sorry, I'm just babbling. There. It. Is. You know, it's actually a relief. It means the end of chance encounters and flimsy excuses. She'll still lie to herself about *why* she's asking him, but she did ask, so this has to go somewhere.

Panel 4: Wouldn't you think Liz would have told the whole Paul story to Candace? Except, not. Because Candace would have seen through Liz's "I made Paul up" garbage. Also not sure why Candace pauses before saying "Warren." At any rate, we have everything spelled out for the inevitable "I haven't read the strip in ten months; what happened to Paul?" people.

Panel 5: I think I'd actually think that was well-crafted, if I wasn't so beat down by bad puns. It's nicely ambiguous: does she really not know how Granthony feels? Or does she mean she wants to find out how she feels about him? Or that she wants to see if they can really be compatible?


Now, about spoilers. How do you guys feel about them? Personally, I don't like spoilers under any circumstances. For me, the suspense is 60% of the enjoyment, whether it's Foob, or American Idol, or Sopranos, or the World Series. But I have not been squashing spoilers, because I realize that not everyone may feel as I do. So by your leave, can I commence deleting spoilers, or should I let them ride? I REALLY don't want to know any of this arc in advance.