April 27th, 2007

Saturday, April 28

I hate this strip so much that I don't really want to comment on it. But, here goes:

First, Liz's questions to April about whether she likes Gerald, and whether she's capable of letting go, make it sound like she's suggesting that staying with Gerald the Jerk is a viable option, and like what Gerald did is not that big a deal. And what's her point, anyway? If she thinks she can't let go and be friends with Gerald, she should stay with him? There's no option of breaking up and not having anything to do with him?

Second, and more importantly, Liz is obviously lying to herself. Is she friends with any of her exes? The only one she is arguably friends with is Anthony. And it is clear that she has not ever really let go with him. Ever since she broke up with Anthony, she's been dangling herself in front of him, making sure he stays infatuated. Leading him on with dates, and hugs, and flashy dancing at his wedding, etc.

I can't conjure up the requisite anger against Liz here. I am glad this strip is over in September, because I think I am just beyond caring anymore.