April 24th, 2007

Wednesday, April 25


Panel 1: We see that Liz apparently keeps orange rags and loose-leaf note paper in the same drawer in her clothes dresser.

Panel 2: Apparently, Liz has two dressers, and BOTH are crammed full of note paper! No wonder Liz dresses like Elly--she's borrowing her mother's clothes because she has no room for clothing of her own. The work of an elementary school teacher is all-consuming.

Panel 3: Who cares?

Panel 4: Yep, there's ol' "Get It Done Liz"! This strip proves it--she's so on-the-ball! The Lips of Loveliness have grown back, making her marginally more attractive, but the demented "get it done" expression on her face makes her look like a freaky FemBot. The big ass is back, though. That's a comfort.