April 23rd, 2007

Tuesday, April 24

Well, here again we have Elly trying to poison Liz against the man she's kinda sorta dating, no doubt to make her favorite, Anthony, seem so much better. Although, where the hell is Anthony these days? If he truly were interested in Liz, shouldn't he be pressing his suit? Or at least coming around to see her now and again? For a guy who thinks he knows what he wants, he sure is lazy about trying to get it. Or maybe he's just given up and doesn't think he has a chance?

Anyway, we have a classic Violent Liz temper explosion, bottling up her feelings until she just has to hurt someone. Usually April. This time, April seems to have escaped. I wouldn't mind seeing Elly get a beat-down, but instead, Liz settles for brushing the dog way too hard. Poor dog. It looks like he's sleeping through it, but really I think he's just playing dead and hoping to escape any greater abuse.

Here's a hint, Liz: if you learned to actually communicate with the person you're upset with, these rage-a-thons would abate.

This strip continues the trend of making Liz ugly continues. She's still wearing her glasses. Yesterday, she had a big dumpy butt. Today, the big dumpy butt is still present in the last panel. Plus, we have the ultimate symbol of ugliness and evil: Liz has teeth in Panel 4. And good lord, is she ugly. Her head is all teeth, tongue, frazzled hair, and a gaping maw. Is making Liz resemble a teratoma supposed to help us understand why she's the lust object of every single man in the strip?

Bring on Anthony. Get this show on the road.