April 22nd, 2007

Monday, April 23

Lately I feel like this strip is more of an insult to my intelligence than ever. We all know where the Liz storyline is going. Warren is going to turn out to be a huge cheating jerk who can't make time for her, just like every guy Liz has ever dated that isn't named Anthony. Even more pathetically, it seems that Lynn is just recycling the same exact "long distance plus cheating" storyline that she used with Paul. She isn't even trying anymore. Why not just quit now, instead of in September?

Of course, the most glaring thing here is this: Liz is still a terrible communicator, and too immature for any romantic relationship, let alone a long-distance one. She doesn't tell Warren how disappointed she is. She doesn't bring up any concerns that the distance might make their relationship unworkable. She just lies through her teeth and plays the sweet, pleasant doormat, modeling herself after Dee.

And then she has a tantrum worthy of Merrie and/or Robin.

I've said it a million times, and now I'll say it in an OP: Liz does not deserve anyone better than Anthony. I hope they get together and suffer for eternity, locked in a passive-aggressive hell of their own making. The people who deserve better are Francie and the other two kids Liz and Anthony will inevitably spawn together.

P.S.--Wonder how Mike and Dee feel about Liz spraying gallons of spit all over the place? 'Cause, eew.