April 21st, 2007

Sunday, April 22

Panel 1: Oh, those ungrateful kids. Don't they realize how privileged they are to be taught by a Patterson?

Panel 2: Well, I'm not surprised it didn't stick. Nice of the Lynnions to let us know right off the bat that Liz's classroom is multi-culti. And "Our planet is" what?

Panel 3: She really should not include that "Ok?" as if it's optional. And you know, April saying "gots" instead of "has/have" for so many years led some readers to question her level of capability. Even though it was cuuuuute.

Panel 4: What the heck? Does the school board know that this classroom has a portal to the unknown in it?

Panel 5: C'mon, somebody push her in! Send her to that alternate FOOBiverse where April died, and it was sad an' everything, but she didn't have to live another twelve years as the unwanted Creature!

Panel 6: Wow, they actually seem to be learning something.

Panel 7: This is really creeping me out. It's like the sentences are smothering her. And how did she write legibly so far above her head?

Panel 8: Might be a good idea to prompt them with the right answer, just to see if they really know it instead of just choosing the opposite.

Panel 9: Oh, this had better not be a foreign-language radio station about to come on.

Panel 10: Eh, whatever. Ever since the strip began, Lynn has been telling us that society is going to hell in a handbasket. Not sure how far back we should go to get to the true good ol' days. Here's a hint: they never happened.

"Candy Rapper" is mildly amusing, though.


I'm taking a long weekend this week, and unfortunately, I will have no net access at all. qnjones will be moving her trains into my room, while I go roadside with my husband in the basement. I'll be back in time for next Monday's strip, and hopefully the May retcons unless they're early. Until then, enjoy the snark stylings of qnjones!