April 20th, 2007

Saturday, April 21

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Okay, there are two disconnects here, I think. The first is Elly saying, "I'm glad you found an apartment, honey!" as if it's something Liz did just for the heck of it. How about "When can you move in?" or even "Do you need help moving your stuff?" Unless this is a very, very subtle dig, as in, "I'm glad you FINALLY found an apartment after only seven and a half months!" Wasn't the idea originally for Liz to crash at the Pattermanse WHILE she looked for accomodation elsewhere? Did !THE TRIAL! derail that, or did she just settle in "as if I'd never left"?

Second disconnect is this jazz about the whole family being uprooted. The "whole family" should not have been in the same house this long in the first place. At Liz and Mike's ages, this should only. have. been. temporary, and should never have been seen as anything else. I don't know what Ms. I-Need-My-Own-Space is suddenly getting so sentimental about. But you know she's going to make a big teary goodbye scene. If I were April, I would glide up to Liz while humming "Aloha Oe" and toss a lei around her neck. (They do that when you leave too, not just when you arrive. Although usually if you're leaving by boat.)

ETA: And dreadedcandiru is right: Mike an' Dee are not GOING anywhere, so how are they being uprooted? Oh wait, I forgot. They were burned out of their apartment just like, last week. Sometimes the impression is that the Pattersons Redux have needed all this time just to get over having to leave the Saltzman firetrap, like it was some kind of paradise they'll never find again. Really, they should have been moving OUT of that building, not within it, two years ago.

Panel 2: Good LORD! I honestly could not tell who was who! Anyway, yes, we get it, for the people who are just tuning in. Is Elly still in denial? I thought she was all amped to by "ALL NEW STUFF!!!"

Panel 3: That's Elly, right? And what kind of super perception did Liz employ in order to know this?

Panel 4: John's cleaning out his workshop?! It's gonna happen that fast? Or is he just starting to catalogue all his little train people? An' grow up, Liz, an' stop saying "an". And you look like a bigmouth bass.

Panel 5: I...it...this...Why does LJ always have to waste strip time on these interventions? How can she not realize how idiotic her characters look when they're this lacking in self-awareness? And meanwhile, April is getting upset over nothing, right?