April 16th, 2007

Tuesday, April 17

::moment of silence::

In light of the events at Virginia Tech, and the flooding on the east coast, which I was already concerned about before I knew about VT, I may not be able to work up much snark. It'll take a pretty darn outrageous strip to rouse me. Bring it on, Lynn.

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Well, who didn't call that. And the fact that April is thinking "gloom...gloom...gloom" instead of specific phrases seems to be an indicator that she's just being all moody and Martian for no good reason. Before anyone comments, please bear in mind what others have said already: this has a lot more to do with the uncertainty of the situation.

In a way, the fact that April has two options makes it worse. She'll be left twisting in the wind for a span of time that could be spent hammering out the conditions of one choice. Then, when she's forced to choose, she'll get stuck with whatever amenities (furniture, free time, pantry privileges) are left over after everyone else's needs are met.

Panel 2: ::blink blink:: You said it, April! You finally said it. ::hug:: Now brace yourself. And why is she suddenly tiny on a gigantic bed? Just to illustrate how she'll be forever the baby?

Panel 3: She doesn't want YOUR room! And why do you look ten years old? And why have you positioned yourself crotch-to-butt with your sister?

Panel 4: I'd clutch the pillow too. And even though I'm sure her tone is condescending, Liz is asking April what she wants! Way to go!

Panel 5: Oh good lord. First of all, April's mouth looks like a school of fish are going to swim into it. Second, the pillow looks like it's about to consume her. Third of all, has she been hitting the wine again? She'd volunteer for more shower squabbles and namecalling?

This will probably be laughed off. Or if it does happen, I would assume Lizthony goes in the out file. April wouldn't move in with Liz just to get booted out when Liz moves into the basement cage. Eh, who knows.

ETA: And it will be interesting to see how Liz reacts (IF we see her react). Will she have any more concern for April than the rest of the family? Or will it be just about her not wanting her style cramped?