April 15th, 2007

Monday, April 16

Panel 1: John's hand on April's shoulder doesn't look reassuring; it looks as if he's pushing her away. Also, I would say his hand is too close to her breast, but LJ/the Lynnions have never really known how to draw female chestal areas. Meanwhile, Elly looks wary. Why? Is she upset that the train house is being discussed at all? Is she thinking, "Please keep her calm; I can't bear screaming"? Does she disapprove of John trying to sell April a bill of goods?

And beyond all that, why shouldn't April worry? All he's really saying is that the big, brave gwownups are going to make all the heavy decisions. Nothing like "Take your time and decide...if anything's concerning you, speak up." Just lie back and think of Canada.

And what is that black line -- a necklace? On Saturday, she was wearing a choker.

Panel 2: But it's not A smaller place. It's YOUR dream house. If that house was not available, you wouldn't be thinking of moving at all. The look on his face is totally condescending, and there's the palm-to-chest-open-mouth pose, full-face for once.

Panel 3: As I recall, the three of you lived by yourselves in this house for several years. Was it too big then? Everyone's acting as if April is already out of the nest.

Panel 4: First of all, STOP WITH THE LIPS. Second, between this panel and Saturday's last panel, I'm unclear on how we're meant to interpret April's reactions. Both panels seem to call for a "wurnt-waah" sound. They're both stating the obvious, and it's something April doesn't like, and I guess we're supposed to laugh at her spoiled Martian self-centeredness. If we're not supposed to laugh, then I don't know what the frakking point is.

And we're back to the square neckline. So it appears that the Yahoo colorists overshot the mark again: the black line in the first panel was supposed to be the neckline, but they went ahead and slapped lavender all the way up to her neck.