April 13th, 2007

Saturday, April 14

Panel 1: Okay, who called that? "The Stibbs house has TWO bedrooms, you silly thing! You won't mind if I store most of my train crap in one of them, do you?"

Panel 2: And we called that, too.

Panel 3: Deanna looks desperate. She's also looking April in the eye. How long has it been since a family member, other than Iris or Jim, has done that? But I'm not sure how I would react to that. "We would love it" as in, "We like having you around"? Or "We would love it" as in, "It would be great for us to have an unpaid babysitter." And someone called Deanna placating April, too.

Panel 4: I'm afraid to look.

::peeks through fingers::

Yep. Four out of four panels correctly predicted. Almost word for word.

But why is she not SAYING IT OUT LOUD?! And she's got the biggest lips I've EVER seen on a Patterson, ever. Mine are not even that big. And huge eyes, but not speed-freak eyes; they're not totally round. And Priscilla Presley hair in the color version, while in the b/w, it's probably the same Carol Burnett mop from yesterday.

What are we supposed to conclude from this? That it would be wrong for that to happen to April? Or that this something she'll have to suck up and deal with? I always did think Elly took too much advantage of Liz as a nanny for April, but someone should have learned from that. And this is still a matter of "We've made our decision; you can go with or without the blindfold."

And furthermore, I'm almost ready to say that people who don't speak up and SAY what's on their minds, deserve what fate/faith hands them. Actually, I've often said that about Liz, but now I'm saying it to April. OTOH, perhaps she knows it won't MATTER what she WANTS.