April 12th, 2007

Friday, April 13

So it's Friday the Thirteenth. Well, at least we already know something bad's gonna happen.

Panel 1: Oh, jeez, for a second, I thought "selling the house to the kids" meant it was already a done deal. That would be an exciting afternoon! If by "exciting" you mean "completely impossible unless of course you're a Patterson."

Panel 2: Oh, so they didn't even agree on it! Well, I can understand Elly being aggravated; it is rather dickish of Train Man to agree to his own decision and act like it's unanimous. Or perhaps he polled all his little train people?

Panel 3: OMG, NO! You CAN'T ask Mike to make a DECISION! Unless it's about quitting his job without notice. Or running back into a burning building for his frakking laptop. But making a decision about getting his family a home of their own after four frakking months? How presumptous you are, John.

Panel 4: A-a-pril spoke in...cla-ass todayyyyyyyy...

Panel 5: OH YES! I WISH I COULD DO 72 POINT FONT ON THIS LJ! YES! YES! YES! It's not a bad Friday the Thirteenth after all! I've never been so happy to be wrong!

You know something? People often get weary of Funky Winkerbean and the neverending hell Tom Batiuk visits upon his characters. But most of the bad things that happen are just circumstances, like war or cancer, or if they're character-driven, he doesn't gloss over them, like with Funky's alcoholism and divorce. If one of the currently teenage characters in FW were in April's position, you can bet that Batiuk would have brought the matter to a head long before now, and, he never would have given any indication that the character was a spoiled princess. If another character had said or implied that, it would have been to her face, and she would have been free to state, "No, I am not, and here's why." Batiuk does not beat up on any of his characters, not even John the Comic Store Guy, anywhere near as bad as LJ beats up on April. There are no whipping boys/girls in FW; every character is given a chance.

Oh, and penfana, if you didn't get my message: You have not offended me, and you are not banned!