April 11th, 2007

Thursday, April 13

Panel 1: "Just decide something and get out of my house!" And I could do without the mental image of John and Elly being fingers in a glove.

Panel 2: Talked about putting his trains in the yard, eh? Did John really do that -- invite himself over and sigh about how "I'd love to put my trains in YOUR yard...I have such great ideas for what I could do with YOUR yard...If I had this house, I'D put my TRAINS in the yard!" And Elly looks like she's trying to glare this crazy idea out of him.

Panel 3: Cripes. This guy is more blatantly a plot device than Shannon.

Panel 4: Elly, what is the difference? You're never going to be happy anywhere. You're not even happy with your whole family in one house, despite your claims.

Panel 5: Uh...weak, Elly. Seriously weak. That's about as scathing as Liz saying "And it looks like I'm already too late," to Chudsers. AND NOBODY MENTIONS APRIL!!

ETA: I'm adding "grotesque Elly" to the tags, on account of the last panel. And I forgot to mention: Notice how Mike an' Dee are silhouetting out of the room in the first panel, never to be seen again? Is this not the kind of thing that ALL parties should discuss?