April 10th, 2007

Wednesday, April 11

Panel 1: This is a really weird perspective. Reminds me of the sequence in "Crooklyn" where the little girl saw everything in suburban Atlanta as distorted because it was so different from what she was used to. Who's having their worldview disrupted here, though? Probably Mike, who looks like Howard, glowering from behind Elly. Who, of course, looks like John. Deanna is the only person I recognize immediately, and that's probably because I'm looking at the color version.

Meanwhile, WTF? They designed it for their retirement, and now he wants to sell? If you design a house for retirement, don't you allow for the possiblity of one person living in it alone after a while?

Panel 2: Frak you, Mike, for looking like that. Deanna looks very uncomfortable, like you're embarrassing her, which you probably are. She'd better not have to placate you. And ten years ago there weren't many buildings? Was there a housing boom in the late '90s? I don't recall the Pattermanse as ever being at the ass-end of nowhere.

Panel 3: We really need to see their faces in this panel. Mike is trying so hard to force civility, he's completely missing the message that this house is for John. And is Elly trying to push that message, or is she opposed to moving into this house herself? Every time she criticizes the house, I can't tell if she's saying it's not right for her or not right for Mike.

Panel 4: Now, why is John so eager for them to add on? And if the Pattersons Redux need more than two bedrooms, then they shouldn't even be looking at this house, right? Can he not even get involved to the extent of saying upfront what he doesn't want?

Panel 5: Oh my stars! I never thought of that! This is brilliant! How does Lynn come up with these neat ideas? This strip is so exciting and true to life! Liz has a right to be a bitch because she had a bad breakup! April should buy her own food if she wants granola for breakfast! And I hope she gets caught and punished for making out with Gerald! Good thing she has a wonderful friend like Shannon! Mike loves his family and works hard to support them! Becky is evil! Anthony is a good person...What? Honey, who are you calling? No, I don't need to go to the hospital!