April 9th, 2007

Tuesday, April 10

Panel 1: And I hope you're not going to adhere strictly to it, George. John would pay just about anything you ask, up to and including the services of his youngest child.

Panel 2: That's "sum," not "gum," just so you know. It does look like a G. And I love John being all coy.

Panel 3: Okay, George has the working-class accent. "Cleaned 'er up" instead of "cleaned it up." So he's a rube, and John will have the advantage.

Panel 4: Jesus H. Crimeny, his appearance is changing again! How frakking difficult is it to draw one person consistently? Especially for people who are apparently incapable of drawing April with anything but the propeller head? And I can't help reading wistfulness into John's statement.

Panel 5: Yet another face, and the second time in four days that we've been told men hate to be married. LJ, get therapy.